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Hi, I'm Dani, founder of Sit 'n' Stay Pet Services. 

Here at Sit 'n' Stay we aim to provide a service that is tailored and flexible for both you and your pets. I am:


  • Fully insured

  • DBS certified

  • Level 3 Canine First Aid qualified.


We provide dog walking and pet sitting service in Wakefield and the surrounding areas. 

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My name is Dani and I am the founder of Sit 'n' Stay Pet Services which I set up back in February 2022. Myself and my partner own our German Shepard Kaiya and our Cats Bobby and Aegon.


I have always grown up around animals whether it be dogs, horses, rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Fish. the reason for wanting to start my own business were my 2 Pugs that I had growing up Peppa and Lola (Pictured) who have now sadly crossed the rainbow bridge. If myself or my parents ever wanted to go away we always had to rely on one of our family members being available which obviously put a lot of pressure and responsibility on them or one of us just didn't go away and stayed back home with them.


Lola was a very anxious girl and wouldn't settle in kennels or a boarders home if it was unfamiliar and she took a lot of settling in, in new surroundings. At the time "pet sitters" weren't really a thing (to my knowledge) so I most of the time I opted to stay at home with the girls. This got me thinking into running a business where I go and stay at other peoples homes and look after their much loved pets whilst they are away and that is where Sit 'n' Stay began. 

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